As far back as I can remember I’ve always felt that people don’t create new and original things all on their own. I was a “creative” kid thrilled with art and invention but I somehow understood that the things I made weren’t singularly mine in origin. At a young age I once attached two motors… Read more »

This release is long overdue. I had initially planned it to be five tracks but techno-troubles intervened after just three. Once my computer was up and running again I found that there were missing samples and whatnot. Since the first three tracks were stuck in their current state I lost interest in trying to complete… Read more »

While trying to rip a CD the other day I noticed that Breakcore was not on the list of pre-approved listening genres. Although it may indeed be an acquired taste I found it a bit insulting that it wasn’t on the list. Being a pull down list I wasn’t able to type a new genre directly into the field. Surely there was a way to add new genres to the list I thought.

Memorial weekend I’ll be performing at The Aquarium in Fargo along with Mark H, Male Enhancement Pill and Cheef. The Artbreaker, although scheduled, isn’t going to be able to make it and the hard style beats he brings will be  missed. But come out anyway and enjoy the show.   The Aquarium 226 Broadway, Fargo,… Read more »

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