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This collection of techno tracks was constructed entirely on a Yamaha RM1X. Clips were constructed ahead of time but the arrangement was improvised. User Projects was mostly an experiment in creating tracks for live performance utilizing the Yamaha hardware.

Influenced by Detroit and Midwest techno and artists like Plastikman, Joey Beltram, DJ T-1000, Paul Birken, and the Drop Bass Network, these are straight-up techno tracks with a hard and dark bent.

These tracks are a little raw and unfinished with the occasional technical error. Being the unpolished experiments that they are I still feel they stand pretty well on their own despite their flaws.

Year: 2002

Download User Projects [.zip]

01-Epilektric-User Projects-U01

02-Epilektric-User Projects-U02

03-Epilektric-User Projects-U03

04-Epilektric-User Projects-U04

05-Epilektric-User Projects-U05