Hi, I’m Epilektric.

I discovered electronic music by accident. Completely enamoured with this ‘new’ music I jumped head first into the warm pulse of  electronic beats without ever looking back.

In 1995 I began crafting my own tracks utilizing a 4-track tape deck, a Roland R-8 drum machine, and a Casio SK-1 and Casio SK-5 keyboard. Fast forward to today and my setup is mostly software based.

My musical output is largely experimental in nature. Not that it doesn’t fall squarely within a more defined genre because it often can and does. I say it’s experimental because the ideas that provide the impetus for my music are exploratory at their core.

Influences on my music range from techno, IDM, jungle, drone, and breakcore to Plastikman, Ventian Snares, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Enduser, Blaerg, Xanopticon, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd.