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It’s an exciting day because has been relaunched with a brand new look. The new site is running on content management software and this makes it’s very easy to keep updated.

Previous attempts at building this site involved static HTML pages that were tedious to update and extend. I had ideas about dynamic software pulling content from a database but that bird never took flight. There are a lot of details to consider when trying to custom build a CMS.

I finally decided to get in bed with some kick-ass open source software and put my DIY dreams to rest. Of course this new site has been tweaked, modded and adjusted to my liking. It’s basically the difference between building a floor cleaning robot from scratch and putting a wig on a Roomba. In the end I had to realize that yes, building a CMS from scratch would be cool, but life is short. And who has that kind of time?

Now that I don’t have to worry about manhandling heaps of code with every update I can focus on the content. And it won’t all be new stuff. My hope is to dig into my back catalog of old and/or unfinished work and get it out here.
So raise up your favorite spirited drink with me and say “cheers” to more time for doing what we love.